Macraband Testimonials

 “I received the Macraband for Apple Watch today. Love it! The color is like a cross between denim and French blue. It will go with my jeans and my blonde hair nicely. Thank you also for the discount. It was so thoughtful of you. I will be wanting more bands and will be waiting impatiently for your creations with beads. Thanks again.”

Nancy H.

 “When I arrived home today after running a few errands and spotted a package sticking out of the mailbox I actually said out loud, "I bet that's my new Macraband" and IT WAS!!! Deb, I  immediately put it on...SUMMERTIME JOY evokes just that...JOY!  I luv your color selection and how they're so cleverly woven into the pattern...a perfect Summer accessory...I absolutely adore it! Be well and stay safe.”

Lynda W.

 “Again, I have been asked about my gorgeous watchband. I believe I have eleven of your bands!! I shared this with the gal who just asked me last week when I was in New Hampshire that I probably have had my first Macraband for about 20-25 years and it still looks brand new as I keep it clean! She is totally amazed and wishes to purchase one.”

Betty F.

“I received the watch you redid and am pleased with the results.  You went beyond the expected service.  Nowadays it is unexpected to find such helpfulness.  Thanks a lot.   I don't remember if I paid.  If not just drop me a line and I will call with my credit card. Best.”

Louise F.

“I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying my Macraband! I’ve always hated wearing a watch, but could never figure out why. After wearing my watch with your Macraband I’m convinced it was the weight of the watch that was so irritating. As a lawyer, it is important for me to keep up with my time, i.e. billable hours! You have made my life more enjoyable, not to mention beautiful! Thank you for sharing your creativity with me. Please keep me on your mailing list!”

Janet L.

Longtime customer Beverly holding her personal cache of Macrabands!
One of our longtime customers holding her personal cache of Macrabands!

 ...And how she displays them at home.
 ...And how she displays them at home.

 The smile on her face says it all!
 The smile on her face says it all!

“Just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to the Mighty Macraband Team! Alice's help in the beginning of my order and Deb's kind husband helping me load my cart! It's a beautiful site with a stunning collection of amazing varied designs. So much thought, skill and planning had to go into the whole concept and smooth operation. It was a pleasure reading the well deserved testimonials from many appreciative fans. I am proud to be among them.”

Connie S.

“I have gotten numerous compliments on my macraband, and I must have bought it more than 20 years ago, the watch will die before the band gives out. It wears like iron. I knew a woman at IBM who first told me about your band. Boy was she right, I went to the new paltz craft show (when I lived in New York) and picked out a band and I have had it since. I would never buy a watch band again only a macraband for me, it’s well worth the money.”

Rose I.

“Thank your for sending my new watch band. The Macraband is lovely and it makes my old Timex look like a Rolex!”

Cheryl L.

“My Macraband watch arrived today, and I absolutely love it! It's a beauty! Every detail of the customer experience is perfect, from the shipping materials to the packing slip to the packaging. Very well done!”

Laura D.

“I’m back and when I woke up I ripped into the box.  Red and black do belong together. All three are faboo, as the girls from “Grease” say.

Thank you for your efforts, the quality of manufacturing, the option of the big Timex watches and your speedy delivery.

One friend sneered and waved his electronics around as the cool modern thing. Another friend with a stopwatch demanded a contest of who was fastest with the exact time. I just twisted my wrist and answered in a second. The other guy was still poking buttons. Plus my watchband is much cooler. (Of course)

I’m not a Luddite but I want the time always available, I don’t want to be a geek, too old for video war games.  Macrabands to the rescue!

Chris C.

“I just wanted to share my treasured and frequently used collection of Macrabands.  I now have the luxury of many Timex watches - in the old days, I often changed watch bands before I went to work.  These were purchased over several years, all at the Gaithersburg, MD, Sugarloaf craft show.  My sister Jeannine was also a customer. I still love these watch bands and have worn nothing but them since I bought my first from you many, many years ago (late 1970s or early 1980s?).  They do last forever and I seem to have a lifetime supply. All of my best wishes for the Macraband business.  I am a Facebook fan of Macraband.”

Kathleen K.

“It’s been two weeks since I got your band in the mail and wherever I go I get oohs and aahs and “where can I get one like it.” First of all, I must tell you that the largest ooh and aah was from me when I opened the package. I have had my watch for three years but have only loved it for two weeks!!!”

Anna R.

My beautiful order was delivered as promised and I am so delighted with it all! (I am,in fact, wearing the navy band right now)! I wish to make some important comments: The whole process was extremely professional and thoughtful: eg- expected delivery date, then confirmation. The box and packaging were wonderful: protective, handsome, and the brown boxes with gold label, elegant and classic.

Now I wish to add something important about the bands themselves: Most of us, over the years have been captivated by the wonderful designs: the colors, beads and intricate macrame. Which is why we all cheered your return. Lately, however, I am well aware of other health benefits. I am a senior artist still working, teaching art to a group of 75 senior artists in a program sponsored by the Town of Huntington in a beach cottage year round. For artists who feel vulnerable, concerned about arthritis, the bands are lightweight. The silkier chord so attractive. (Remember, my band is wide (3/4') and my Timex is not dainty).

From an environmental point of view, no animal has been killed to provide me with time and there is no status in expensive leather, other than our excellent taste and good luck in finding you years ago.

I am experiencing such pleasure with what you three do and thank you for your expertise and kindness (when I needed remedial help in ordering).

Now when I receive compliments, I can refer them to your great website! Loads of good luck and many thanks,"


“Just wanted to let you know that my Macraband came last Thursday and I love it!!! My dad recently passed away and I have his watch, which is a "vintage" Timex - the Macraband went on that, and I now have an even more special memento of my dad. This is my 3rd Macraband - my first one got lost when I lent my husband my watch to time something (can't remember what now!), but I still use my second one - I got it many years ago - and it still looks like new! Anyway, thanks for making a great product! - I love them!"

Jan L.

“My new Macraband arrived today. I love it! You matched the color of my 20+ year old Macraband so perfectly. I didn’t think it was possible but you did it! You’re amazing.

Thank you for your expert assistance with helping me find the exact color. You were spot on! I’ll be ordering another one as soon as I can decide on a color. Lots to choose from.”

Merle B.

“My first couple of bands were purchased from Alice at a craft show in NY, NJ. I love them and they last so long, plus they get a lot of compliments."

Pat K.

“Got it - thanks! Gorgeous as always!
(And so NEW!!! I think they're my first new macrabands in 20 years...)"

Jeannine D.

“I’m now placing an order for a raspberry Macraband. I have had black and taupe watchbands for about 10 – 15 years…and they never wear out!"

B. F.

“I purchased a black Macraband from you – which I just love, by the way. I told you that I had tried to find a non-leather watchband at the Animal Rights Conference, and I was able to find alternatives to leather in just about any product except watchbands. I really am thrilled with the watchband. It is classy and elegant and not leather!”

Donna B.

“I received your lovely watchband for my antique watch on December 17th. I was able to get the band through the fixed “pins” myself. It sets off the watch perfectly and fits my wrist exactly right. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Your lifetime customer,"

B. K.

“You would be interested in knowing that I was recently in Santa Fe, New Mexico bargaining with the Indians on the street for turquoise jewelry. I was approached twice within an hour, while wearing your multi-colored, abalone shell and beaded macramé watch band and asked where I bought it in Santa Fe. I was pleased to tell them that I purchased it from you. Keep up this wonderful lost art form. It’s just beautiful. Very truly yours,”

Audrey F.

“Yes, delivered and very pretty, thank you! Taking it to jewelers tomorrow to fit it on a watch.”

Felice T.

“For some years I have enjoyed wearing one of your watchbands but it finally needs replacing. It has worn wonderfully, washed well and is unique. There is no substitute for your designs.”

Mary D. R.

“I received the new Macraband today and it fits the watch and my wrist perfectly. They both look so elegant! (Watch and band – not wrist!) Once again, many thanks for your lovely work.”

Beryl J. K.

“There is no substitute for a Macraband and I want you to know that I’m not planning for this to be my last order!”

Jan G.

“I wish I could say this new Macraband I just received was my favorite – But they are all so wonderful it’s hard to choose. It is however my current favorite and I am enjoying all the compliments it has received. Even my jeweler, who helped clumsy me put the band on my watch couldn’t stop admiring it. Thanks so much,”

Rochelle A.

“Thank you so much for the beautiful Macraband which recently arrived. It is even more beautiful than it appears in the picture”

Ruth S.

“I want to tell you how much I am enjoying my Macraband watchband. You may remember I had ordered the band in cobalt blues. My son had bought me the watch, a fanciful face with a cat, a bird and a birdhouse. The band so beautifully complements the watch.”

Mildred K.

“You have no idea the comments and appreciation that people express about my fine and different macramé bands. I know they are a hit here in the Northern Virginia area. Thank you for such a fine, attractive and durable product.”

Mary A. B.

“I received the watchband. It’s beautiful! I was expecting it for Easter (I want to send it to my mother as an Easter present), but since it’s here early I’ll have to sacrifice and wear it a few times before I send it to her.”

Magda E.

“I am writing you this note to let you know how happy I am with my Macraband. It makes my watch look elegant and many people have inquired about it. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer. P.S. I did receive it before my vacation and thanks for sending it promptly.”

Marlene S.

“I love the Macraband I purchased from you. Everyone who sees mine is so impressed with the uniqueness, beauty and quality of it. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely product. I would also appreciate being kept informed on any new styles being offered – for future orders.”

Faye R.

“I just received the lovely watchband. Really, it is simply perfect. My daughter Anne wore hers when she was home last Christmas and I have wanted the same ever since. Ann Arbor being a university town has many artists and craftsman, but I haven’t seen anything that is this attractive. I will probably order another one in black next spring. Again, it arrived safely and looks stunning on my gold watch.”

Anne H.

“I want to compliment you on your macramé watch bands. It not only is beautiful and exactly what I wanted but fits to a T. I asked my jeweler to get it on my watch and he admired it very much.”

Margaret E.

“I receive so many, many compliments on your watchband. My first one is still my favorite and I haven’t changed over to the pink/rose one I ordered a while back. I am certainly a fan of your creations.”

Carolyn W. W.

“Thanks so much for sending me the Macraband. It fits my daughter’s watch perfectly. My daughter gets so many compliments on her Macraband. People comment on how pretty and how unusual it is.”

Mary Ellen I.

“My first watchband is still as good as new…must be at least 6 or 7 years old. I receive more compliments on them – they are so unique.”

Joyce R.

“I saw your watchband on a stranger at a party and I approached her. Your followers are loyal.“

Liz K.

“Your watchbands are just beautiful. Since I bought one I have a few friends who ordered some and are delighted with them. The one I’m ordering now is for myself and I feel that the Macraband will be just the right touch. I look forward to the receipt of my new band.”

Laurie R.

“I recently visited my 90 year old grandmother who admired my watch and hinted she’d like one just like it. She was particularly impressed by the watchband-one of your Macrabands, hence my order for a band for my grandmother. Mine continues to look beautiful and feels great despite rather hard use.”

Ellen F.

“I want to tell you how pleased we are to have your Macrabands. We have found them to be of excellent quality and stylish appearance. I have been wearing my own for almost two years, daily, and it is still in excellent condition. I wash it whenever it needs it; blow it dry and put it right back on! I have had people stop me in restaurants and ask me where I got it.”

Frances H.

“I’ve enjoyed my first Macraband more than any watch band I’ve ever owned. 9 years, lots of comfort from it – the most important factor in my liking any item, and compliments. Most people tell me they have one too, but on at least five occasions I’ve told people where to find you. Thanks again and keep up the fine work!”

Irene G.

“I have enjoyed wearing your macramé watch bands for 15 years. Everyone admires them! Today my dental hygienist said she had to have one!”

Natalie F.

“Thank you so much! Your work has been my choice for many years and continues to elicit comments of praise and appreciation.”

Paula F.

“This is how long I have been wearing Macrabands and loving them – (21 years)!”

Sheila A.

“I’m so excited! I loved my last Macraband. I know I’ve had it 6 or 7 years, wore it every day and it still looked new. Unfortunately, last fall I lent my watch to my husband to time something on the grill and that was the last we ever saw of it! I’m looking forward to receiving my new band!”

Jan L.

“I can’t tell you how many people comment on my watchbands when they notice them. I think they’re great! Thank you."

Sharon P.

“My previous one was loved for 7 years – didn’t wear out but was stolen (along with the watch that was wearing it). I found that watch model again, now it needs your beautiful band.”

Nancy P.

“I always get compliments on my watchbands…and they are all Macrabands! I don’t wear anything else. I look forward to receiving the band to put on a new watch (my Christmas present to myself!).”

Betty A. F.

“I bought my first watchband from you a long time ago. I have worn one of your bands ever since then. I would like you to know that people down here in North Carolina love them too! I am a nurse and at least twice a week someone admires my watch.”

Maureen A.

“I have over half a dozen watches with beautiful Macrabands.”

Laura P.

“This order is to replace my 9 year old Macraband. I have been very pleased with it and it has been admired frequently.”

Barbara C.

“Over the years I have tried finding bands similar to yours and failed so please keep me informed of your progress with your new site. I look forward to hearing from you.”

Civia F.

“Still loving my Macraband watches (I think I have at least ten)!”

Joann J.

“I often get compliments on my Macraband watchband. Now I'll know what to say to the people who offer the compliments. Also, I want a new one, too, this time with lots of bright colors. I have replaced the watch a time or three, but keep the Macraband.”

Susan B.

“Good timing. I'm on my last band. My Seiko and I would be naked without you.”

Joan L.

“You thanked me for my order so now is my turn to say "hooray" that you've resurrected the bands; one that I've been wearing, and to many kudos, for many years. It's gotten old, like me and now I'll have a new, young replacement. Wish u could do the same for me.”

Elizabeth B.

“Just wanted to tell you that the Macraband arrived safely on Saturday, and I love it! Because of your wonderful and helpful policy, I am now saving up for another one.”

Dorothy Z.