How to Attach a Macraband

The video below shows you how to remove your existing band and attach a Macraband. Step-by-step instructions are also provided.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To take your old band off and attach a Macraband to your watch, we recommend using a Watch Spring Bar Tool. You can purchase one in the Accessories section.

The Watch Spring Bar Tool has a forked end on one side and a blunted, straight end on the other. The spring bars are the metal bars that attach a band to a watch and fit into the small holes in the lugs on the watch.

To protect the front of the watch from getting scratched accidentally, you should work with the back of the watch facing you.

Removing Your Old Band

Step 1
Hold the watch with the back facing you and the top half of your band folded toward the front.


Step 2
Insert the forked end of the Watch Spring Bar Tool between the band and the lug.  Press down toward the band and as you feel the spring mechanism move, push the spring bar out from under the lug and away from you.

  • The first half of the band should now be detached.


Step 3
Turn your watch around and remove the other half of the band in the same manner.


Step 4
Use the blunt end of the Watch Spring Bar Tool to push the spring bars out.  Set them aside.


Attaching Your Macraband

Step 1
Position both your Macraband and your watch facing up as shown below.  Be sure that the buckle end of the Macraband and the number 12 are aligned. The winder should be on your right.


Step 2
Turn your watch and Macraband over.  You will again be working from the back of the watch.


Step 3
Making sure the center diamond shape of the Macraband is laying over the back of the watch, fold the top of the band over the front of the watch.

  • Note: If you have a Macraband with beads, be sure not to press them against the watch face as they could scratch the crystal.


Step 4
Pick up one of the spring bars and insert it into the hole in the lower lug of your watch.

  • Note: The center of a Macraband is designed to make it easy for you to insert a spring bar. You can slide the band so that the unknotted cords are positioned under the spring bar, making it easy to attach.


Step 5
Holding it in place with your thumb, use the forked end of the Watch Spring Bar Tool to compress the spring and slide it into place.

  • You should hear it snap into place. We recommend giving the spring bar a few tugs to insure it is properly seated in the holes.


Step 6
Turn your watch around and attach the other spring bar in the same manner.
Your Macraband is now attached! Enjoy wearing your new Macraband!

Quick Tip

Sometimes the spring bars can get away from you. You can remove and attach your spring bars inside a clear gallon size plastic bag to help contain them.  Simply follow the same steps above with your hands, watch, band and Watch Spring Bar Tool inside.

NOTE: If you are having difficulty removing your old band or attaching a Macraband, please bring your watch and Macraband to your local jeweler and they will be able to assist.