The Steps we are Taking in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 24, 2020

As a small business, we feel it is our responsibility to let you know we are taking the COVID-19 pandemic and your safety very seriously.   Our hearts go out to everyone who has been impacted by this virus and we applaud our first responders, hospital workers and all those whose jobs are essential to ensuring we can keep functioning as a society.

First and foremost, the Macraband team is healthy!  Like everyone else, we are sheltering in place. is still open during this challenging time and we are busy filling your orders. Thank you!  On that note, we wanted you to know we are taking extra steps to ensure the safety of your order.

As you know, Macraband is a handmade product, proudly made in the USA.  Since the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have added additional safeguards to all orders. We now wash and dry every Macraband prior to shipment and surgical gloves are worn during the washing, packaging and shipping process.  Yours will be the first bare hands to touch your order after it has been washed.

On a personal level, we are hyper-vigilant about ensuring anything we bring into our home is safe.  Since learning that the virus can remain active on surfaces for up to three days, we take care to leave shipping packages in our garage, bringing only their contents into our home.  We then “quarantine” these items in an area in our basement for three days.  At this point to virus should no longer be active.  As a further precaution all packaged items are either washed in soapy water or are wiped down with disinfecting wipes.

I tell you this because although we are taking great caution making and packaging your product, we don’t know how many sets of hands will touch your box before it is delivered.

As individuals, this is a challenging time for all of us.  As a small business, we take our responsibility to you, our loyal customers, seriously.

Be well and be safe.